• "The benefit of working with John Hohman, in my experience, is that he makes me a better advocate. He has a thorough knowledge of the law and a pragmatic approach to problem-solving. His level of professionalism benefits all parties involved."

    • Attorney Maria Zagorski
  • "During my many years on the bench, I frequently turned to my colleague and good friend Judge John Hohman for advice on resolving challenging conflicts. His talent to find creative, lasting resolutions to the most difficult matters is inspiring."

    • Hon. Pamela A. Moskwa
    • Monroe County Probate and Family Court Judge (ret.)
  • "The patience that Judge Hohman exhibited while hearing cases was truly remarkable. He treated everyone with courtesy and respect. His kind and calm demeanor went a long way toward making my clients feel comfortable. He really understood the value of letting the parties tell their stories."

    • Attorney Jeffrey A. Yorkey
  • "I had the pleasure of appearing before John Hohman as an attorney in hundreds of cases while he sat as a judge. I also participated with him as he led numerous collaborative efforts to improve the Court's services to children and families under his jurisdiction.

    John Hohman has, through his years of experience as an attorney and as a judge, developed a special ability to create unique and innovative solutions to complex problems. He approaches every case as a problem to be solved, and he truly believes that he can find a solution to any situation placed before him."

    • Attorney Christina D. Hills
  • "Judge Hohman was an excellent manager of his cases. He was very quick to recognize the key issues, and he did not allow distractions to get the case off course."

    • Attorney Jeffrey A. Dulany